Innovating for a

Sustainable Future



Innovating for a

Sustainable Future



Innovating for a

Sustainable Future


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Billet Production


Aluxite is here to maximize your business and build a better future.

Creating a High Quality Product

We aim to maximize developing capacities to contribute the world and our business. Our passion to move forward on new and more efficient processes will enhance our position in the evolving future of this very demanding industry.

We make high quality extrusion billet and rolling slab knowing that it is the details that makes us valuable. That’s why we produce hard and soft alloys in a wide variety of diameters and pursue results based on your needs.

What we’re offering

Industries We Serve


Our products are ready to be a key component for different OEM’s assembly processes.


Aluminum is a very durable and cost efficient material. Perfect for the construction industry.


With great resistance to corrosion and optimal workability, aluminum is ideal for this industry.


Aluminum’s characteristics help architects to create beautiful and elegant designs.


A powerful ally for many engineers worldwide, aluminum gives flexibility and opportunity.

About Us

Aluxite, with more than 10 years of experience, and 100% satisfied customers, is here to help you.

Why Aluxite?

Take a look at what our clients love about us:

Customer Success: Passion to help our customers achieve their goals.

Logistics: Door to door delivery.

Quality: Several certifications in our processes to give you peace of mind.

Partnerships: We aim to build long lasting relationships with our customers.

Billets pequeños de aluminio

Why aluminum?

Resistant to corrosion.

Extrusion performance.

Good workability.

Good conductor.

Lightweight yet durable.

Slab de Aluminio
Slab de Aluminio
Slab de Aluminio
Slab de Aluminio

We have the aluminum products that your company needs